"We engaged Anne’s services in preparation for the transition of the company ownership and leadership from my partner and me to the next generation within the firm. The team that we chose to succeed us was made up of very talented managers, but a very disparate group of individuals with strong personalities and varying levels of leadership abilities.

What struck me first was her ability to build important, almost instant, rapport with our leadership team. Her personality is engaging and she is difficult not to like. The group seemed to rally around her as a team more than they ever had before. In addition, she took on some difficult individual issues, resulting in visible and notable improvements. Secondly, she taught the group the difference between managing and leading and was able to facilitate significant changes in their understanding and transition to being a leader. Looking back, we all agree that Anne’s work with us was the kick-start and guidance we needed to get down the path to where we are today - on the doorstep of transitioning the leadership and ownership of our company to the very people that Anne worked with months ago.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with Anne’s work and highly recommend her for any HR, training or team building effort."

David Watkins, Arrington Watkins Architects


"I recently had the great pleasure of working with Ms. Anne Caldwell. Ms Caldwell helped our associtation revise and update our personnel manual. She explained to me how important it is to keep your manual up to date and relevant to your organization. She is very in touch with non profit associations and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to any group that is interested in revising their personnel manual or that needs any type of human resources training."

Laura Hahn, Arizona Academy of Family Physicians


"Anne Caldwell has been my instructor at University of Phoenix for an organizational behavior class. As a college graduate and working professional with fourteen years experience, I have been exposed to many different speakers, instructors and trainers. Anne would rate very highly in any of these roles. Some of her attributes include: portraying confidence, knowledge of material, comfortable "stage" presence, ability to draw on her own experiences and solid classroom interaction. She initiates thought and discussion with her students, and makes everyone feel comfortable speaking about their own experiences. She has a positive,energetic and interesting personality and manages to keep a classroom fun while maintaining professionalism. I would strongly recommend Anne for any training position."

Joel B. Arbic, MBA Student - University of Phoenix